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Gerry Bell is a painter and writer based in Melbourne, Australia.


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Depiction and Painting on-line


I began Depiction and Painting as a doctoral dissertation and have slightly revised it since its submission in 2004. Because of its length, illustrations and unusual approach, it had little chance of being published in print form. The plan was to use the research as the basis for something more compact and accessible. This ended up as the blog, where artist’s styles were analysed within the framework proposed in Depiction and Painting and advantages demonstrated on a weekly basis. It also allowed me to include sculpture and photography, areas I had not had space for in the dissertation.


After a hundred profiles, I decided the framework had demonstrated its range and depth and that I needed a rest. In as much as the blog had attracted a modest regular readership, I thought there might be some curiosity about the broader theoretical issues, only hinted at there. Depiction and Painting answers that need.


I realise that in some respects the material suffers as an on-line publication, but it is still my cheapest option and of course, the reader's.



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Art Since 1900 : Modernism, Antimodernism and Postmodernism (T&H 2004)- a comparable history not considered in the study, but by four authors (Hal Foster, Rosalind Krauss, Yve-Alain Bois and Benjamin Buchloh) variously addressed there.

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